Techland has had some solid success with the undead in recent years, with the Dead Island franchise garnering critical and commercial success. Now the developer is turning its attention to the undead of another variety in Hellraid, another co-op first-person action game.

As you can see in the trailer, there are going to be plenty of damned souls coming back to life to give you (and up to three friends) lots of trouble. Like Dead Island, you'll be able to level up skills, craft your own weapons, and explore a vast open world that's been overtaken by demons.

To keep things interesting for a long time, Hellraid will feature randomly generated loot and enemy spawn points, as well as having new online challenges to complete. Players will also be able to earn points for every kill, assist, or challenge completed, adding in another layer for competitive play.

Techland will likely have more details about how Hellraid plays at E3 next week, but the game certainly looks promising, especially if you're already a Dead Island enthusiast.