The current zeitgeist of horror movies is more popular than ever these days, what with the success of your "found footage" dramas like 'Paranormal Activity' and 'The Devil Inside,' but the more recognizable faces of horror yesteryear aren't as successful these days.  So why not make the leap to TV?

According to Variety, the classic Clive Barker horror series 'Hellraiser' may find its way to TV after having been listed by newly-minted development company Sonar Entertainment (formerly RHI) as a project in development!

Nothing has been released in the way or story, or connection to the film series, but Sonar will partnering with Panacea Entertainment for the series with Eric Gardner and Larry Kuppin executive producing.  Kuppin's old movie studio, New World Entertainment, was the one who made the first two 'Hellraiser' films.

Additionally, Sonar Entertainment's website includes a blurb on the development of a potential series, which ignores mention of series creator Clive Barker or any potential involvement, but states:

One of the most successful (and terrifying) franchises in film history is ready for its weekly television debut.

For over 25 years, fans have followed the exploits of an insidious villain named Pinhead, summoned from a nightmarish underworld by an ancient puzzle box. He will seduce you with power and tempt you with fear, until your soul belongs to him.

Now, for the first time, a weekly series set in the fantastic realm of Hellraiser will thrill audiences worldwide.

The 'Hellraiser' section of the website also features the below teaser image, but what do you think?  Could 'Hellraiser' work on a TV scale, or is this project best left with a pin stuck in it?  Give us your take on ol' Pinhead in the comments below the image!

Hellraiser TV Series
Sonar Entertainmeint


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