We're down to 14 chef contestants on 'Hell's Kitchen,' and we've still got quite a way to go. With Roshni on the men's team, will she prove to be a better cook or will she just take them down with her?

This week's special challenge involves Mexican cuisine, so Scott brings out a giant pinata (because obviously), filled with balls that have ingredients written on them. The contestants will have to grab as many as they can and use the ingredients on the balls to make their dishes.

At this point their next challenge could be a game of Pictionary, where they have to get their teammates to guess the ingredients and utensils they're drawing, or else they can't use them.

First up is Michael's traditional pork taco versus Kimmie's shrimp taco. The former catches flack for being too greasy, while the latter is questioned for Kimmie's use of flour tortilla instead of a more traditional corn one, though she's praised for her strong flavors and smart vegetable choices. Danielle presents a New York strip burrito which doesn't impress at all, while Clemenza's Mexican-Italian burrito is unanimously adored. The teams are tied with one point each.

Tiffany's soup wins another point for the women, but that victory is short-lived when the blue team's lobster enchilada dominates over the red team's "sanitized" carnitas. With a tie, it's down to Dana's seared ahi tostada versus former teammate Roshni's chili and coriander concoction. The chefs are divided and both teams are still tied, leaving it up to Ramsay to break it, which he does by crowning the red team winners thanks to Dana's dish, which he considers the best of the day.

Their reward is a trip to John Sedler's restaurant Rivera for a gourmet lunch with a special surprise. The men are punished with a day of what Ramsay describes as "Mexican misery," which is either super racist or the name of some crusty underground band. While the red team is spoiled by beautiful food, the men's punishment involves more of that 'Fear Factor' nonsense as Chef Scott presents them with a plate of tripe (cow stomach) for lunch.

That's further cemented by the drama storm brewing on the women's team, when Tiffany reports that some of the ladies are talking trash about Kimmie's choice to use a flour tortilla in the challenge. Robin tries to get to the bottom of it and make sure no one is needlessly causing drama, which only inflames things more. Note to Tiffany: Kimmie has the hottest head on your team. Do you really think it wise to metaphorically poke her with a stick?

The men and women both have trouble with the fish stations as dinner service begins. Barbie rebounds well and starts putting out consistent quality mussels, but Kimmie and Dana get into some trouble when they put the meat and fish on the same holding tray. Dana won't admit to it, but it's Kimmie's station, so she takes the fall. It would've blown over, but Kimmie won't let it go. (And it's worth noting, thanks to some footage shown later on, that Kimmie is to blame for this faux pas.)

Over in the blue kitchen the meat is getting overcooked, and Patrick -- who seems a little more knowledgeable than most of his teammates -- gets most of the grief from Chef Ramsay. Patrick and Guy are kicked out of the kitchen for their poor performances before service ends. But things seem worse on the red team's meat station as Danielle commits the most egregious offense and attempts to serve raw pork -- a mistake that could send diners to the hospital. When it happens again, Ramsay sends Danielle packing. It's honestly surprising he didn't give her the boot the first time.

Clemenza and Justin are the next cooks to get the ol' heave-ho when they don't learn from the mistakes of the red team and serve up barely-cooked pork. With Ramsay's temper reaching a fever pitch, cooks are getting tossed out left and right. Barbie is kicked out for using a thermometer to cook chicken (can you blame her after all the raw food?), Tiffany is let go for burned mashed potatoes, Michael is gone for some burnt food, and then there were only six...

Roshni and Bryan are the only ones left on the blue team and manage to finish dinner service rather successfully, proving that maybe Roshni was on the wrong team all along.

When it comes time for elimination, the men put up Patrick for his lack of communication and Guy for his raw food. The women nominate Barbie for her poor performance at the start of service and Danielle for her raw pork. Ramsay agrees that Barbie shouldn't be up on the chopping block...

And that's it! We won't find out who's eliminated until the next episode! Suspense!

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