Well, lets be honest.   When was the last time you saw Jerry O'Connell, and didn't feel like chasing him with pitchforks and fire?  NBC's reboot of 'The Munsters,' titled 'Mockingbird Lane' has made another step (or lurch) closer to the real deal, as the family's patriarch not has a face.  Or, at the very least, one cobbled together from other faces.

According to TVLine, Jerry O'Connell ('Crossing Jordan,' or the classic 'Sliders') has landed the role of family patriarch Herman Munster in NBC's resurrected 'Munsters' reboot 'Mockingbird Lane.'  In a role formerly played by Fred Gwynne, O'Connell joins Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster, Charity Wakefield as “plain” cousin Marilyn, and young Mason Cook as werewolf boy Eddie Munster.

Described as a re-imagining of the classic horror trope sitcom with “striking” visuals reminiscent of writer / director Bryan Fuller’s other effort ‘Pushing Daisies,’ ‘Mockingbird Lane’ was originally slated to go into production in the spring but got pushed back until early summer due to casting issues.  Director Bryan Singer is also producing.

The original 'Munsters' was considered a comedy, whereas 'Mockingbird Lane' is being billed by NBC as a “visually spectacular one hour drama.”

What say you?  Is ‘Mockingbird Lane’ shaping up to be scarily good fun, or another high-concept dud?  Tell us if you’ll watch in the comments!

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