You don't come by Jason Statham's house without paying the price! The action star takes the lead in Open Road's first 'Homefront' clip, which sees him going head-to-head with James Franco, playing a meth dealer and small-town red-neck thug named Gator. With a face that screams, "I mean business," you just know shit's about to hit the fan.

Yahoo Movies debuted the first segment from the Sylvester Stallone-penned action flick. What's more is that Sly actually wrote the film as a vehicle for himself, before realizing he couldn't make it work with his schedule and passed the torch along his 'Expendables 3' co-star. And we think that was a good move. While we love seeing Stallone talk a big game, the impending 'Fast and Furious 7' villain knows how to turn on the heat.

'Homefront' also stars Winonan Ryder (yes, that's her), Frank Grillo and Kate Bosworth, and sees Statham as an ex-DEA agent settling down with his daughter in a small town. But when problems arise with Gator, his identity is compromised and his family is put in jeopardy. Also to be desired is some classic Stallone lines, like Franco's moment in the above clip -- "Anythin' else you're thinkin' hard about, 'cause I can smell the wood burnin'."

'Homefront' hits theaters November 27.