Well, we 'House' Fans might not get any closure on relationship between House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) before the series closes its doors for good, but at least we'll have lucky number Thirteen!


TVLine reports that 'House' babe and 'Tron: Legacy' star Olivia Wilde will pick up the slack from Lisa Edelstein, reprising her role of Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley for the 'House' series finale on May 21.  Though the finale episode has yet to receive a title, 'House' creator David Shore will assume writing duties along with fellow series writers Peter Blake and Eli Attie.

Also unknown is under what circumstances Thirteen will return to the series, as in her last appearance in October episode "Charity Case" saw Dr. House firing the briefly re-instated doctor to spend her last days enjoying life before succumbing to Huntington's disease, rather than spend them alongside someone as curmudgeonly as himself.  In reality, Wilde left the series to pursue her burgeoning film career.

Previously, 'House' boss David Shore had expressed interest in one day returning Lisa Edelstein's long-running character Dr. Lisa Cuddy back onto the series, though after the announcement that the current season of 'House' would be its last, refuted the possibility of Edelstein making any kind of appearance.

So under what circumstances do you think we'll see "Thirteen" again.  Will the good doctor rejoin House's team, or will we be seeing her final days in the May 21 series finale?  Give us your theories, or some of your favorite 'House' Moments in the comments below!