'How I Met Your Mother' won't return until Monday, January 14 with "Band or DJ?," but that hasn't stopped plenty of troubles for lining up for the gang. Earlier today we showed you one of the big decisions facing Ted, but what about Barney and Robin? Following the touching events of winter finale "The Final Page, Part 2," Barney's in for a confrontation with Robin's dad ('Twin Peaks' Ray Wise) and from the looks of the first photos from upcoming episode "Band or DJ," he isn't too happy!

'How I Met Your Mother' will have a bit of explaining to do when it returns January 14 with "Band or DJ," and it isn't about the titular mother, or how we might not see her until the ninth season. It seems that in all Barney's elaborate scheming to win Robin back, and ultimately secure their engagement, he neglected to involve her father, Robin Sr.!

Despite his festive attire, Robin Sr. seems to be anything but pleased with the news. And what could have Lily giving her infamous "dead to me" eyes to Ted? From the official synopsis:

When Robin learns that Barney never asked her father’s permission before proposing, she insists that he seek his approval before announcing their engagement. Meanwhile, Ted keeps his feelings concealed by throwing himself into planning their wedding.

How will Barney ultimately secure the blessing of Robin's disapprovingly dour father? And will Ted truly be able to let Robin go? Check out the photos from 'How I Met Your Mother's latest "Band or DJ?" below, tune in this Monday and give us your predictions in the comments!