Earlier today, new photos emerged from 'How I Met Your Mother's penultimate season 8 episode "Something Old," highlighting Robin as she struggled to recover and artifact from her past in Central Park, but now the latest preview of Monday's all-new episode has the other side of the coin. Barney will attempt to Bond with Robin's father Robin Sr. ('Twin Peaks' Ray Wise) and you know what that means! Suit up for laser tag action with the latest 'How I Met Your Mother' preview!

For as many questions as we have about the final two episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother's eighth season, following Barney's bachelor party "Bro Mitzvah," at the very least a few returning guest stars will return to lighten the mood. This Monday's "Something Old" will see Robin digging through memories in Central Park, while Ted helps Marshall and Lily pack for their relocation to Italy, and Barney does his best to bond with Ray Wise's returning Robin Sr.

Of course, Barney more or less already won over Robin Sr. way back in "Band or DJ?," but it certainly wouldn't hurt to gain a clearer perception of their future, as the photos of "Something New" don't seem to focus very much on the supposed wedding.

You can check out the first preview of this Monday's all-new 'How I Met Your Mother' episode "Something Old" below, and tell us what you want to see from the May 13 finale!