With Barney's big "Bro Mitzvah" out of the way, 'How I Met Your Mother' season 8 has reached the beginning of the end heading into final episodes "Something Old" and "Something New." We know Barney and Robin will theoretically have a big day of their own, but what will Ted decide that launches us into another season of mother-teasing comedy? Get scoop on the 'How I Met Your Mother' finale inside!

Only two episodes away. and 'How I Met Your Mother's season 8 endgame hasn't gotten much clearer. We know that the series will set up its unexpected ninth season, but will we actually meet the mother in only two weeks? Series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas recently spoke with TVGuide about the surprises in store for the finale, saying "something is revealed that Ted has obviously been thinking about for a while. Fans invested in the central mystery of the series will get very excited."

Josh Radnor too teased Ted's state in the final episodes, saying:

He has focused for so long on meeting someone. Now he's feeling hopeless. He has mixed feelings about where he is in life, where his friends are, and how the wedding might change things. His best friend is marrying his former girlfriend. That's complicated, no matter how you cut it.

We've seen from earlier photos that Ted will spend part of the finale showing off his completed future house to Lily, but will he finally find the girl to live in it with him? Check out the first half of 'How I Met Your Mother's eighth season-ender "Something Old" this Monday, followed by "Something New" on May 13!

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