The longer any series carries on, the harder time it will have holding onto it lead stars, but could 'How I Met Your Mother' carry on without any one of its core five?  Recently, fans have had to ask that question as the CBS series enters preliminary talks to extend itself through a ninth season, following the upcoming eighth.  Surely not everyone will be up for an additional year unless the conditions are right, but what is star Jason Segel saying about the possibility?

Jason Segel may not stick around to learn 'How I Met Your Mother,' if in fact the CBS powerhouse gets picked up for a ninth season following its upcoming eighth.  Talks have only just begun, but OK! is reporting that Jason is quoted as saying in recent Austrian interview, "It's great to do some 'Rated R' stuff again, because I've been playing the nice guy for quite a long time now. That's why I'm gonna quit 'How I Met Your Mother' after the eighth season." (Google Translate has him saying, "Oh yes, it's great to back in the R-rated version of his stuff. I play the nice guy now for a long time, so I get now from "How I Met Your Mother" after eight seasons." which doesn't make much more sense and may be equally as inaccurate.)

Segel's loveable goofball Marshall Eriksen has been  staple of the series since its 2005 inception, though in recent years the actor has had an increased presence in film culminating with his recent adaptation of 'The Muppets.'  Currently, all 'How I Met Your Mother' stars, crew and creative are contracted through the eight season beginning this fall, though CBS has expressed an interest in stretching the series out another year.

Consider it unlikely that CBS would opt for a ninth season of 'How I Met Your Mother' without one of its most recognizable (and integral) leads, but the funnyman may just have had his fill.

What say you?  Do you think 'How I Met Your Mother' could go on for a ninth season, let alone without Jason Segel?  How would you like to see the series end?  Give us your reaction in the comments below!