The culmination of perhaps the most unlikely trilogy of films ever will arrive next year when 'Human Centipede 3' is (finally?) released. And guess what: this time the human centipede is coming to America!

If you've experienced either of the 'Human Centipede' films - and even if you haven't - you know that their big central gross-out visual is the sewing of one person's face to another person's... behind. In the first film, a crazed doctor performed the experiment on three helpless tourists in the Netherlands. In the second, a deranged parking lot attendant, inspired by the first film, took things a step (or two) further when he performed the trick with twelve people in London.

Now director Tom Six is bringing his freakshow to the states with 'Human Centipede 3,' which is scheduled to begin shooting in Los Angeles later this week, according to the L.A. Times. That's right - it's closer than you think.

Dieter Laser, the star of the first film and Laurence R. Harvey, the star of the second, are returning for 'Human Centipede 3,' although not necessarily in the roles they played the first time around. Even Six has said he'll be starring in 'Human Centipede 3,' which suggests it will be even more "meta" than the second. (Might they all be playing themselves?) The three will be featured alongside an apparent 500-person centipede, which is just delightful to think about this early in the morning. Six has also claimed he plans on enlisting a big American celebrity to star in the film, and in this day and age of reality TV and our own meager definition of what a "celebrity" is, it's not hard to think he'll accomplish that feat.

The image below is on IFC's official Facebook page. They'll be distributing the film in the U.S. Not a bad teaser image - for this sure-to-be-grotesque film, anyway.