Kim Ji-oon's 'I Saw the Devil' is one of the gnarliest thrillers ever made, a hyper-violent plunge into depravity and mayhem that has to be seen to be believed. It's one of the best recent examples of just how crazy South Korean filmmaking can get, and it's tough to imagine any Hollywood film getting away with what this one does.

And, of course, it's getting an American remake. But let's not despair quite yet. It seems to be in good hands.

As first reported by The Wrap, director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett have been quietly attached to the 'I Saw the Devil' remake for quite some time, with the former already meeting with actors and the latter hard at work on the screenplay. Their regular producer, Keith Calder, confirmed the news on Twitter:

Barrett and Wingard are beloved figures in the modern genre film community, with titles like 'A Horrible Way to Die,' 'You're Next' and their most recent 'The Guest' under their belts. The duo's capacity for bloodcurdling horror and grim humor makes them the ideal choice for a remake that deserves to maintain as much of its gonzo craziness as possible.

'I Saw the Devil' follows a highly skilled government operative whose pregnant fiancée is murdered by a vicious serial killer. Our hero discovers the killer's identity early in the first act, allowing him to initiate a revenge scheme that's unrelenting, brutal and almost impossible to control. Naturally, things go wrong and the two men find themselves locked in a vicious game of cat and mouse. The body count rises quickly and things become increasingly more personal for both men until the line between hero and villain vanishes altogether.

Other than transplanting the story to the United States, it's hard to say how much Barrett and Wingard will change that premise. We imagine they'll keep the basic hook and go in their own direction. After all, these aren't the kind of guys who will copy and paste an original movie into a new language. They probably have a few tricks up their sleeves.

In any case, this just became one of our most anticipated movies of whatever year it will eventually come out. Check out the trailer for the original film below to see just how insane the source material is.

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