It's a lazy Saturday afternoon and you're probably off seeing movies with your friends and family. Maybe you're finally cracking open that first season of 'Game of Thrones' you've been meaning to watch. Or maybe you're aimlessly wandering around the internet, looking for some kind of entertainment news fix on a very slow weekend. So, how about a pair of international spots for the quickly approaching 'Avengers' movie?

Each of the two spots focuses on a specific member of the film's all-star superhero line-up (in this case, Captain America and the Hulk) and each is equipped with subtitles. There isn't a ton of new footage on display here, but there's just enough to keep fans salivating. With word about the film almost unanimously positive (check out that 96% on Rotten Tomatoes), watching trailers has become a less harrowing experience. It's no longer 'Oh no, I hope this is good!" but rather "Yes! I can't wait!"

'The Avengers' hits theaters on May 4, where it's poised to make all kinds of money and wet the pants of comic book fans the world over. C' know you can't wait.