It’s not out of the realm of possibility for Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’ to receive a couple of Oscar nods this season. It’s likely that Rob Marshall’s adaptation of the classic stage musical will get nominated for production design and/or costumes, at the very least, while star Meryl Streep might—just might—receive a nomination for her performance. The latest featurette for the film, which hit theaters on Christmas Day, takes us behind the scenes to show us the magic that went into bringing the woods to life.

As it’s officially awards season, we’re likely to start seeing more featurettes like the one above (via Variety) for some of the Oscar hopefuls. If you haven’t had a chance to see ‘Into the Woods’ yet, the film integrates real settings with those built on a sound stage to lend some lovely tangible details to the magical fairy tale setting. Director Rob Marshall along with director of photography Dion Beebe and production designer Dennis Gassner reveal all the fantastic work that went into bringing this musical from stage to screen.

‘Into the Woods’ is currently still in theaters, and stars Emily Blunt, James Corden, Chris Pine, Lilla Crawford, Tracey Ullman, Lucy Punch, and Johnny Depp.

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