Hello, I would like to buy all of the tickets to Ip Man 3.

That’s because the latest installment in this Hong Kong franchise, which stars Donnie Yen in the role of iconic martial artist Ip Man, features none other than Mike Tyson as his opponent. You read that right. No more tiger-loving Mike Tyson. Say goodbye to the Iron Mike of cutesy Adult Swim cartoons. This is Baddest Man on the Planet Mike Tyson, challenging Donnie Yen for fastest fist supremacy. The only way I could be more excited about this movie is if Jason Statham just randomly showed up and was like "Oi, mind if I cut in?" and then kicked them both in the throat.

Tyson supposedly plays a “property developer,” according to Wikipedia (which is never wrong). According to TheWrap, he’s also a “street fighter,” which is a useful skill when you are also a property developer in a very competitive market. (“I said six percent interest!” <SPIN KICK>) Zhang Jin co-stars as a rival martial-arts master who challenges Ip Man for supremacy. The only thing that gives me pause? Ip Man’s most famous pupil, Bruce Lee, will supposedly appear in the film as some kind of digital character. CGI versions of dead people always make me a little uncomfortable; I hope his part is very small and that Mike Tyson’s is enormous and the whole movie is him and Donnie Yen beating each other up.

Ip Man 3 opens in Hong Kong on Christmas Eve, so look for it to hit U.S. theaters some time next year, assuming you can get a ticket after I buy them all.

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