It's time to play the speculation game! In this week's edition we take a look at exclusive concept art from 'Iron Man 3,' set to premiere via limited edition poster at Comic-Con 2012.

The image below comes courtesy of EW, who has some interesting theories about Tony Stark's exposed right hand. While neither writer/director Shane Black nor Marvel's own Kevin Feige have said anything about this concept art, EW believes they know what's up -- in the "Extremis" story created by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, Stark uses nanotechnology to wire the Iron Man suit directly to his brain. In 'The Avengers,' Stark was using special bracelets to call the suit to his body, but with this nanotechnology, he need only will the suit to him with his mind.

We don't think the bad guys in this concept art image are of any significance, but they could be henchmen of any number of villainous entities, like Mandarin -- a villain who has been speculated since 'Iron Man 2,' perhaps played by Ben Kingsley? Confirmed to be featured in the film is Iron Patriot -- or some variation thereof -- played by James Badge Dale. Maybe these bad guys belong to him?

For now, let's put our speculation aside and just admire this beautiful artwork, courtesy of Ryan Meinerding, who has worked on visuals for all the Marvel movies in recent years: