We'd be sick of hearing about Mondo posters at this point if their output wasn't so consistently cool and the Austin-based poster and company's new 'Iron Man 3' posters do little to change that. Three posters inspired 'Iron Man 3' will go on sale this Friday and they look like a must-own for all of the superhero fans out there. Check out all three and find out how you can own them below!

The first one is by the great Martin Ansin (who did a terrific 'Thor' print for Mondo last year) and it puts the film's official (and poorly Photoshopped) posters to shame. Measuring 24 x 36 inches, the poster will cost you $50...but there are only 450 of them, so you've got to act fast when they go on sale on Friday. A variant poster with a different color scheme will cost you $75, but there are only 200.

The third poster is from Phantom City Creative (another Mondo regular) and while it's less dramatic and flashy than Ansin's work, it's a very clever take on one of 'Iron Man 3's biggest selling points: the 42 (!) Iron Man armors featured in the film. And it glows in the dark, because why not? This is the kind of thing a true geek would have on his wall. One of these will cost you $45, but once again, act fast: this is a print run of only 250.

'Iron Man 3' arrives in theaters this Friday. Commemorate the experience by trying to snag one of the three posters below. Follow Mondo's official Twitter account to be notified of when they go on sale.