Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim' has become one of the most anticipated big releases of 2013 despite/because of how mum everyone involved been. We know it's about Earth assembling an army of giant robots to combat an invasion of massive monsters and since it's a del Toro film, we know it will look amazing, but other than a few shots of the cast and a tantalizing teaser poster, Warner Bros. has been pretty quiet. Although the trailer for 'Pacific Rim' should arrive with 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,' our first real look at the robots in the film may have arrived, hidden away in a video about del Toro's production company.

Before you immediately fast forward in the embed below to 1:15 to see what we're talking about, consider watching the whole thing. This three-minute clip is essentially a promotional video for Mirada, del Toro's production company and home to dozens of amazing projects that will probably never get made. It gives you a nice glimpse at the company's cinematic work, but also their commercial work, letting you del Toro's influence beyond his filmography.

But yeah, the headline is what brought you here and if you want to catch a glimpse at looks like the massive "Jaegers" in 'Pacific Rim,' one minute and fifteen seconds is where you want to go. It's only two quick shots, but it's two quick shots of a del Toro designed giant robot battling something in a city. It's the ultimate tease.

Now...bring on the trailer!

UPDATE: Guillermo del Toro has commented and told Steve Weintraub of Collider that the footage is not from 'Pacific Rim.' Alas.