We've seen a couple of images of Chris Pine in his 'Jack Ryan' incarnation already (see them here and here) and now we've been handed a couple more. Like the images before them, these are simply using Pine's face to promote the character and movie, which is good enough for us (for now). Check it out the new 'Jack Ryan' pics after the break.

The USA Today article accompanying the pictures has a few choice quotes from Pine and director Kenneth Branagh, who also co-stars as the film's villain, a Russian politician on the verge of kickstarting an international war. Perhaps the most interesting topic on hand is how Branagh and company have crafted a brand new origin story not based on one of author Tom Clancy's books, while remaining true to the Jack Ryan character's history.

We take the fundamentals of the myth of Jack Ryan and do an original film that was never a book. We're making our own story in a modern-day 2013.

Meanwhile, Branagh explains that the author is okay with the slightly new direction they've taken:

We cheated a little. Mr. Clancy is very aware of and very behind the concept, but we put Jack Ryan in the here and now.

'Jack Ryan' explores the early days of the character, who starts off as an injured Marine who is recruited by CIA agent William Harper (Kevin Costner) to work as a high-level analyst. Ryan is no 'Jason Bourne' when it comes to action; the character leans on his wits to best his opponents, and as Branagh notes:

The audience feels they could just be Jack Ryan and they like him for that. If you ever wanted to be involved in global conspiracies and espionage, then Jack Ryan is the way in. And it puts us in the center of the story.

We'll be in the center of that story come December 25th.

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