With its March 1st release date looming, it looks like the marketing folks behind Bryan Singer's 'Jack the Giant Slayer' finally remembered that they have a movie to sell. Arriving hot on the heels of a teaser for the new trailer (oh, the days we live in!), the first official clip from the movie is full of all kinds of Giant action, although not too much Giant slaying. Check out the clip below.

Although the clip feels awkward in that "we had to tighten up a scene to make it bite-sized for promotional purposes" kind of way, it continues to sell the film as an epic fantasy, sidestepping all of the goofy humor present in the early marketing. The clip features Jack (Nicholas Hoult) desperately attempting to warn a group of people about an impending giant attack and naturally, no one pays attention and some mayhem occurs. Special props  must be given to the gag with the windmill, mainly because there aren't nearly enough windmill-related action beats out there these days.

What are we to make of this movie? Nothing we've seen from it has looked too inspired and the audience awareness of the film can best be described as "zilch." Sure, Nicholas Hoult is coming off 'Warm Bodies,' but he's not exactly a movie star and sure, Bryan Singer has made his fair share of hits, but not for awhile (his last films was 2008's 'Valkyrie'). Does the clip below inspire you to see the movie or are you just going to sit this one out?

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