'Jackass 3D' was (another) huge hit in the franchise, so 'Jackass 4' always seemed like something of an inevitability. But part of the fun of 'Jackass 3D' was watching the stunts catch up on the aging cast and there was some speculation, they're retire after completing the trilogy. Not quite. 'Jackass 4' looks like it could be on the way after all...

Some online sleuths at What Culture recently found out that Paramount Pictures has purchased a handful of domain names centered around 'Jackass 4' including jackass4movie.com. What's most interesting is that the majority of the sites registered center around Johnny Knoxville's "Bad Grandpa" character (jackass4badgrampa.com, jackass4badgrampamovie.com and jackass4badgrandpa.com among them).

Obviously there are no details about the film (would it center entirely on the Bad Grandpa character and how exactly does that work?...) but domain names have an interesting way of predicting the future. Both 'Skyfall' and 'Star Wars 1313' were outed after web-savvy folk recognized a number of interesting online purchases.

The "Bad Grandpa" skits revolve around Knoxville, under makeup and prosthetics to look like an old man, going out in public and acting, well, like a jackass. People get shocked, upset and sometimes challenge him to a fight (yes, the challenge what they think is a decrepit old man to a fight).  We've included one of the skits below so you can familiarize yourself.

So what do Knoxville and pals have in store for 'Jackass 4?' Do you think it'll be a film based on that one character or just another compilation of their usual stunts?

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