Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this news, let’s pause briefly to point out to very important things. 1) We’re talking about the casting of Star Wars: Episode 9, a movie that doesn’t open in theaters until 2019. Star Wars: Episode 8 hasn’t even finished casting yet. Star Wars: Episode 7 isn’t even in theaters yet. 2) We’re taking this on the word of a nine year old.

All that said, Jacob Tremblay, currently earning rave reviews for his performance alongside Brie Larson in Room, is currently filming Book of Henry, the next movie from Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, who just so happens to be directing Star Wars: Episode 9. This is not lost on Tremblay who, by his own admission, is a huge Star Wars fan and has said that if he wasn’t an actor, he’d want to be a Jedi (aww).

Now it doesn’t take much for a journalist to put some of the these pieces together (talented young actor + big Star Wars fan + working with Star Wars director = …) and the Toronto Sun did just that, asking young Jacob if he thought Trevorrow would find a part for him in Star Wars: Episode 9.

Take it away, Jake:

It’s possible. It’s really, really possible. It’s extremely possible.

We again refer you to the disclaimer above — he’s still a kid for chrissake — but, c’mon. How could Colin Trevorrow not find some small part in his upcoming movie for this kid he’s working with who just so happens to be a huge Star Wars fan? He’s only nine now, but he’ll be 13 by the time the movie comes out, perfect for a young padawan.

You never know what can happen over the intervening years (Jacob may grow out of his Star Wars stage and move on to begging Marvel to play a role in Avengers: Infinity War), but let’s hope this all works out. It’s every young Star Wars fan’s dream to make it into a movie and Colin Trevorrow is actually in a position to make that dream happen.

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