James Cameron is the kind of director who likes to revolutionize the industry he works in whenever he makes a movie. Shot entirely in a new format of 3-D motion-capture, his Avatar wowed audiences with its visual style and groundbreaking effects, and Cameron is poised to do it again. He announced today that Avatar 2 will be projected in 3-D, but audiences won’t need their glasses.

According to Inquisitr, Cameron’s company Lightstorm Entertainment (what a name, right) is partnering with Christie Digital to acquire the company’s new RGB projection system, which would take the glasses element away from the 3-D effects of Avatars 2, 3, 4, and 5. The system involves actual lasers: “60,000 lumens to provide bright images at incredibly high frame rates.”

The only wrinkle is that we’re not sure yet how many theaters, if any, can support this kind of technology. That would essentially mean that Cameron would have to find a way to install this stuff in a ton of theaters around the country and the world so that people could watch this movie in the way he feels it’s meant to be seen. But, honestly, if any director can do this, it’s James Cameron. This is the guy who created an entirely new way of shooting in 3-D that’s been adopted by everyone from Peter Jackson to Luc Besson. I trust James Cameron to give the masses the real holographic 3-D films of the future. Gives a whole new meaning to “I see you.”

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