If you were like us, it probably took every ounce of restraint not to scream at the theater screen when Jack sacrificed himself and let Rose have that door-raft all to herself in 'Titanic.' There was totally enough room on that raft for both of them! James Cameron says that's not so, and he's teaming up with the 'Mythbusters' to prove it.

In an interview with IGN about converting 'Titanic' to 3D and the upcoming Blu-ray release, director James Cameron was asked about the raft Jack let Rose use in 'Titanic,' effectively sentencing himself to death so she could go on to have lots of babies and get old and throw diamonds in the ocean. People love to joke about that raft because it seems obvious that there was enough room for both of them and Rose didn't have to let go of Jack (she said she never would! Liar!) and the two of them could have had lots of babies and thrown diamonds in the ocean together.

Cameron asserts that this is actually an issue about buoyancy, and one that the 'Mythbusters' team will be tackling in an upcoming episode. The director says he'd love to work with them on this to prove to fans once and for all that, yeah, they could have both fit on the raft, but the weight of the two of them would have caused them both to sink faster than that boat.

Watch the interview below: