Over the weekend we learned that, for whatever reason, the Resident Evil series is being rebooted to six more films all over again. Much like the protagonist Alice always finds herself waking up and having to fight her way out of the same situation over and over again, so do we once again find ourselves staring down the barrel of another video game franchise. But maybe, just maybe, there’s some hope to be found: horror director James Wan is producing the first of the six movies.

Deadline reports that the film will have an entirely new cast and a script written by Greg Russo, who wrote Mortal Kombat (on which Wan also worked). So it sounds like this is actually happening now!

Regardless of what you might think about ALREADY rebooting a franchise that just ended, this makes sense in a way. Resident Evil is by far the most popular and successful film franchise based on a video game, and the movies are consistently huge overseas, especially in the Chinese market. The Final Chapter made $312 million this year, so it stands to reason that Constantin and Screen Gems don’t want to let go of the property just yet. It’s just kind of exhausting to think about a whole decade more of these movies when the original series was given such a fitting sendoff.

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