Director Jaume Collet-Serra wants to re-team with his 'Unknown' star Liam Neeson for the latest thriller for Dark Castle Productions, titled 'Non-Stop.'

According to Variety, Collet-Serra is in negotiations to direct the film for Joel Silver's Dark Castle Productions, who purchased the script from John Richardson and Chris Roach last August. 'Non-Stop' is the first feature script for both Roach and Richardson.

The film focuses on a man (Neeson) -- with a very particular set of skills, we're sure -- who must stop a terrorist threat aboard an international flight. Little else is known about the feature, which is set to begin production in September in Gotham.

Director Jeff Wadlow ('Cry Wolf,' 'Never Back Down') was attached to direct at one point, but Collet-Serra seems like a more appropriate choice, especially since he worked with Neeson on last year's 'Unknown.' Prior to that, Collet-Serra entered the scene with the horror remake 'House of Wax' and the highly underrated, creepy thriller, 'Orphan,' starring Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard.

This is Collet-Serra's second action thriller, and we're looking forward to all the 'Non-Stop' action, 'Non-Stop' thrills, 'Non-Stop' particular sets of skills, and 'Non-Stop' jokes to be made about the title. Okay, we'll (non-) stop.

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