Though he was once a leading Oscar contender, Liam Neeson has become a late-in-life action star. Sure, he'd clashed swords and (light)sabers earlier in his career, but now he's the go-to action lead. He's now up for 'Non-Stop' where he'd play an Air Marshall.

The film is going forward at Dark Castle, Joel Silver's production studio, and they've got Jeff Wadlow attached to direct. Wadlow directed 2005's 'Cry Wolf' and 2008's 'Never Back Down' so this would be a big step up. The Hollywood Reporter also notes that plot elements are being kept back, but that it's a contained narrative, which suggests - as does the title - that it mostly takes place on one flight. Likely one going over the ocean, as that would mean there would be no close place to land.

Though Neeson has always been in action movies - he was in 'Krull,' 'Next of Kin' and 'Darkman' - this career turn is strange but fitting. Few modern men in cinema are beefy without coming off as male stippers (like Channing Tatum or Vin Diesel), while many action films have put people like Matt Damon in the center of trouble partly to play against type. Neeson looks like he's had a life, he's very heterosexual, and can handle himself in a fight. There's few working actors who fit that bill.

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