Jeff Willms has managed to win the Kong Off 3 Donkey Kong competition for the second year running.

Willms won the competition in 2012 and has managed to repeat his success by scoring 1,096,200 points at the Kong Off 3 competition in Denver, Colorado. He won over his closest competitor by 20,000. According to Joystiq, Willms holds the fourth-highest official Donkey Kong score. A fellow competitor (or is it kong-petitor?), named Dr. Hank Chien holds the record for the highest score ever at 1,138,600 points.

According to his profile on the Kong Off's official website, Willms is a 23-year-old student residing in Waterloo, Ontario. He won his first Kong Off with a  score of 1,105,400 points. Also in the competition this year were former stars of the documentary 'King of Kong' Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. Mitchell failed to crack the top 20 with his score of 598, 800, but Wiebe managed to claim a respectable fifth-place finish with his 1,048,800 points.

You can get more details on the rest of the tournament on the official site.

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