Though most of her fellow 'Friends' cast members have struck out, Jennifer Aniston is the only one who became a real movie star. And even though her most recent film 'Wanderlust' was a disappointment, she's up for at least two proejcts: 'We're the Millers' with Jason Sudeikis, and Justin Theroux's as-yet-untitled directorial debut.

As for the Theroux film, Aniston has been dating him for a while now - they met on the set of 'Wanderlust' - so it stands to good reason that if the relationship goes sour she would leave the project. Theroux became a hot screenwriter after the success of 'Tropic Thunder' and went on to 'Iron Man 2,' and has been performing in films like 'Wanderlust' and 'Your Highness.'

'We're the Millers' has been in development at New Line for a decade, and has Rawson Marshall Thurber attached to direct. Thurber helmed the huge hit 'Dodgeball,' but he followed it with 'The Mysteries of Pittsburgh,' a film that time seems to have already forgotten. The premise of 'Millers' - as described by Deadline Hollywood - is that a pot dealer (Sudeikis) hires a fake wife (Aniston) and two fake kids to move a thousand pounds of pot across the boarder. It seems like the perfect time for this would have been around the release of 'The Pineapple Express.'