It takes a special kind of person to judge America's talented performers, be they auditioning for 'The X-Factor' or 'American Idol,' and an equally special viewers to keep with both shows season after season.  But with all the recent hubbub over Britney Spears' first weeks of shooting for 'X Factor's second season, and Jennifer Lopez's decisions whether or not to return to the next season of 'American Idol,' you won't believe how the two are intertwined.

According to sources at TMZ, Britney Spears will reportedly earn a cool $15 million for her stint on the second season of the Americanized 'X-Factor,' but more interesting is how that number was reached.  Apparently, in addition to those so-called "breaks" Britney has been observed to take, the singer's contract stipulated that she earn more than Jennifer Lopez did on her first season of 'American Idol.'

Lopez was reported to earn about $20 million for her first season, though the number ended up being closer to $12 million.  Britney's contract stipulated a bottom line of $13 million, which may put Lopez at a loss for ego now that rumors are swirling of her departure.  Whatever will Jennifer Lopez do, if she doesn't make at least $15 million for the next season of sitting in a chair and saying words?

We're going back to our freeze-dried coffee now.

What say you?  Have you enjoyed the tenure of either diva on 'The X Factor' or 'American Idol?'  What about poor Christina Aguilera of 'The Voice?'  Who would you most like to see in a judge's chair? Sound off in the comments below!

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