Released in 1996, Cameron Crowe's 'Jerry Maguire' starred Tom Cruise as the titular character -- a sports agent who, fed up with the lack of heart in his work, sends out an incendiary "mission statement" and heads out to start his own venture with the help of his new assistant (and love interest) Dorothy Boyd. It was the fifth consecutive film to gross more than $100 million for Tom Cruise, making him guaranteed box-office gold. We take a look back at Cruise and the rest of the cast from the film -- 17 years later -- to see what they're up to now.

Tom Cruise, Jerry Maguire

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Then: Cameron Crowe actually wrote the part of Jerry Maguire for Tom Hanks, but the role went to the other Tom, Tom Cruise. Cruise played the disgruntled sports agent, who leaves his firm to start a more personal business. Other actors considered for the role were Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis and John Travolta.

Now: Cruise recently appeared in the sci-fi thriller 'Oblivion' and can be seen next in 'Edge of Tomorrow.' He's also set to reprise the role of Ethan Hunt in a fifth 'Mission: Impossible' film. Cruise is a leading member of the Church of Scientology.

Cuba Gooding Jr., Rod Tidwell

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Then: Jamie Foxx auditioned for the role of Rod Tidwell, Arizona Cardinals football player and the first -- and only -- client to follow Jerry to his new business. The part went to Cuba Gooding Jr.

Now: Gooding Jr. recently appeared in 'Red Tails' and 'Lee Daniels' The Butler,' and can be seen next in 'Machete Kills.' He also has a cameo as himself in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, 'Don Jon.'

Renee Zellweger, Dorothy Boyd

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Then: Cameron Diaz, Parker Posey, Mira Sorvino and Courtney Love were considered for the role of Jerry's love interest, single mother Dorothy Boyd. The part was originally written for Winona Ryder to star opposite Tom Hanks. Jennifer Lopez was offered the part but turned it down, feeling it wasn't right for her, while Connie Britton of 'Friday Night Lights' fame was the second choice for the part and was famously -- and narrowly -- beaten by Zellweger. The role made her career.

Now: Zellweger hasn't acted in a few years -- her last films were 'Case 39' and 'My Own Love Song,' but she's reportedly returning for a third 'Bridget Jones' film.

Kelly Preston, Avery Bishop

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Then: Jennifer Connelly and Meg Ryan were offered the role of Avery, Jerry's tenacious girlfriend who dumped him when he left the firm. Alyssa Milano, Tori Spelling and Diane Lane all auditioned for the role, but it went to Kelly Preston. Her husband, John Travolta, was considered for the role of Jerry.

Now: Preston starred alongside her husband in the film 'Old Dogs' and had a cameo in Travolta's other recent film, 'From Paris with Love.' She appears next in 'Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father.' Like Cruise, Preston and Travolta are also Scientologists.

Jerry O'Connell, Frank "Cush" Cushman

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Then: Jerry O'Connell, star of 'Standy by Me' and 'Calendar Girl,' played Frank "Cush" Cushman, an up-and-coming football player whom Jerry is desperate to sign.

Now: O'Connell appeared in 'Scary Movie 5' and will next tackle the 'Veronica Mars' movie. He's made appearances on Adult Swim's 'NTSF: SD: SUV' and starred in Bryan Fuller's 'Mockingbird Lane' pilot, which was not picked up by NBC. He is married to actress and former model Rebecca Romijn.

Jay Mohr, Bob Sugar

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Then: Jerry Maguire's story is based on real sports agent Leigh Steinberg (who makes a cameo in the film). Steinberg's ex-partner David Dunn tried to steal away his colleague's clients, just like Bob Sugar does to Jerry in the film. Sugar was played by comedian and sports fan Jay Mohr.

Now: Mohr made an appearance in this year's magician comedy 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.' He hosts his own sports radio show on Fox Sports Radio and has a podcast called Mohr Stories.

Regina King, Marcee Tidwell

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Then: Janet Jackson read for the role of Marcee Tidwell, but the part went to her 'Poetic Justice' co-star Regina King. Marcee played Rod's determined wife, who clearly wore the pants in the family.

Now: King's last film appearance was in 2010's 'Our Family Reunion.' She is the voice of Riley and Huey Freeman on the animated series 'The Boondocks,' and she had a lead role on the recently canceled drama series 'Southland.'

Bonnie Hunt, Laurel Boyd

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Then: Bonnie Hunt played Dorothy's protective sister, Laurel Boyd. Hunt previously starred with Cruise in 'Rain Man,' but Cruise didn't remember Hunt being in that film. When he showed up on set for 'Jerry Maguire' and Hunt told him they worked together before, Cruise thought she was joking. Smooth.

Now: Hunt does a lot of voice work for Pixar and has lent her talents to 'Cars,' 'Cars 2,' the 'Toy Story' films and 'Monsters University.' She has not made an appearance on film since the 2006 indie 'I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With.'

Jonathan Lipnicki, Ray Boyd

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Then: Jonathan Lipnicki made his acting debut in 'Jerry Maguire' at the age of 6, playing Ray, Dorothy's precocious son. Lipnicki showed up on set one day by announcing, "The human head weighs eight pounds." Crowe liked it so much that he wrote it into the script.

Now: Lipnicki took a break from acting for a few years but recently appeared in 'For the Love of Money' and 'Tag.' He can be seen next in the film 'Bad Asses.'