Tabloid mainstay, motorcycle customizer and reviled ex-hubby of Sandra Bullock, Jesse James is about to launch his TV comeback, thanks to the network that gave him his start back in 2000. But will audiences accept him back into their homes?

Tentatively titled 'The Jesse James Project,'the special focusing on the West Coast Choppers head will air April 9th at 10pm EST on The Discovery Channel. Should the pilot perform, the network will look to take the show to series.

After getting caught up in a swirl of controversy which included adultery, rehab, divorce, a botched adoption, Nazi paraphernalia, porn stars and an alleged sex tape, Discovery apparently feels ready to polish the tarnished star.

Details on the special are scarce as of this writing but it's probably safe to say the show involves motorcycles, tattoos and maybe a few more mea culpas from James.

Interestingly enough, the "Jewish godfather" James claimed gave him the infamous SS headgear was revealed to be the eccentric star of A&E's "Storage Wars," Barry Weiss.  If you've seen Weiss on the show, you know James' story is probably true.

For those who can't wait for the April 9th premiere, you can catch a preview of 'The Jesse James Project' during Wednesday, March 29th episode of 'Sons of Guns,' on which James will be a guest star.