2011's 'It girl' and Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain must have a lot of offers, but it seems that Marvel and Shane Black want her in 'Iron Man 3.' She's gone back in for more talks to play a sexy scientist (in cinema there are few female scientists who aren't) for the film, and would join the recently added Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley if so.

If we were to speculate, that would also make her a villain, as she would be competing for Tony Stark's attention with Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts. Rare is the love interest in a comic book film like this who isn't later revealed to also be a bad person if they're trying to steal away someone's man.

Chastain came off an amazing year, having appeared in six movies - seven if you count the long-delayed release of 'The Debt' - and two of the year's best picture nominees with 'The Help' (for which she was Oscar nominated) and 'The Tree of Life.' That would make 2012 a down year as she currently only has five movies listed for release, including a re-teaming with Terrence Malick, and voice work for 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.'

This news comes from Deadline, and they suggested that Marvel offered the role to her, but she had some scheduling conflicts. If she is free, then the only hurdle know would be salary.