Johann Johannsson and Denis Villeneuve are one of those rare director-composer powerhouses that, until a few months ago, seemed inseparable. Johannsson scored Prisoners, Sicario, and Arrival, and also signed on to provide a soundtrack to Blade Runner 2049. About a month ago, it was announced that Hans Zimmer and his cohort Benjamin Wallfisch would be joining the soundtrack crew, with Johannsson perhaps taking a backseat. As it turns out, Johannsson has exited the vehicle completely.

The Iceland Review has confirmed that Johannsson is off the film, with Zimmer and Wallfisch the sole composers listed on the newest poster. The publication also mentioned, rather ominously, that Johannsson “is prohibited from saying anything at this point due to his contract.”

Wallfisch and Zimmer are both fantastic composers — Zimmer is known for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and the Pirates of the Caribbean films to name just a few, and Wallfisch is on the rise, with this year’s A Cure for Wellness and his beautiful score for It. But it is a little concerning, if you’re a Johannsson fan, and if you’re wondering what this means for the quality of Blade Runner 2049. It’s entirely possible that Johannsson is just too busy — he’s doing the music for Nic Cage’s insane Mandy — but it’s an unfortunate parting of the ways for one of today’s greatest director-composer teams. Hopefully, for whatever Villeneuve does next, Johannsson will be back on board.

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