Boy, you just can't keep a good time-traveler down.

The future of UK cult hit and American transplant 'Torchwood' remains somewhat in doubt given the meager performance of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' in its inaugural USA run on stars, but that doesn't mean Captain Jack Harkness, er, John Barrowman is starved for work.  The seemingly immortal actor has picked up a leading role in ABC's period pilot 'Gilded Lilys' according to TV Guide.

'Gilded Lilys', executive produced by 'Grey's Anatomy' vets Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, and written by 'Gossip Girl' writer KJ Steinberg, follows an "upstairs-downstairs" look at the opening of the first true luxury hotel built in New York City around 1895.  Barrowman will take the role of Julius Ashford Lily, "golden boy" of the wealthy Lily family behind the opening of the hotel.  According to the report, "he's mama's favorite son, who's very charming, lucky and loose."  John Barrowman play charming?  Surely, you jest.

The pilot also features a host of other recognizable names, including Brian F. O'Byrne ('Mildred Pierce'), Blythe Danner, Madeline Zima ('Heroes', 'Californication'), Matt Lauria ('Friday Night Lights'), Matt Long ('Jack & Bobby'), Brigid Brannagh ('Army Wives'), Maury Sterling ('Homeland') and Sarah Bolger ('The Tudors').

Barrowman's involvement with 'Gilded Lilys' doesn't necessarily preclude the possibility of a future 'Torchwood' series, but at this point Starz hasn't expressed much interest in developing the brand further.

What say you, Barrowman fans?  Is your loyalty to Captain Jack strong enough that you'll follow Barrowman through time to 1895, or did 'Downton Abbey' do it better first?  Give us your take in the comments below!