John Williams has composed the score for every single live-action Star Wars movie to date (and every Star Wars film period, except the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars that came out in 2008.) That will change with Star Wars: Rogue One, Disney’s first standalone spinoff from director Gareth Evans. Making Star Wars spotted a recent interview from Evans’ composer, Alexandre Desplat, claiming that he’ll be the one scoring the film, which stars Felicity Jones. His quote:

We (Gareth Edwards and I) will make another movie together very very soon, which is a Star Wars' spin-off.

It’s actually a big week for John Williams not scoring movies, in fact. Earlier today, DreamWorks sent out a press release announcing that Williams was also not working on Steven Spielberg’s next project, the Cold War espionage thriller Bridge of Spies. Williams’ absence was blamed on his schedule getting “interrupted” when he was rendered “unavailable to score the film due to a minor health issue, now corrected.” Thomas Newman, the composer of films like The Help, Finding Nemo, and Skyfall, will score Bridge of Spies in his place.

Both of these items are kind of a big deal. Williams’ music defines the Star Wars universe. It would be shocking if Desplat’s Rogue One score didn’t still lean heavily on his classic themes, but it will mark one of the first really meaningful musical contributions to the franchise from someone other than Williams in 40 years. Williams’ relationship with Spielberg is even longer; Bridge of Spies will be the first Spielberg film in 30 years — since 1985’s The Color Purple — that won’t feature a John Williams score, and just the director’s third feature ever without his distinctive music (the other is The Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Star Wars: Rogue One opens on December 16, 2016; Bridge of Spies debuts on October 16, 2015.


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