At this rate, Johnny Depp is going to have a hard time affording his $30,000-a-month wine habit.

(Technically, Depp told Rolling Stone that number was “insulting” because it was so low. But let’s lowball his wine habit.)

That’s because in the face of assorted other personal issues, Depp’s next movie, City of Lies has just been pulled from the release calendar. It adapts a famous book about the LAPD investigation into the deaths of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. Depp plays Russell Poole, a cop who believed he uncovered a conspiracy to murder the hip hop stars. City of Lies was due in theaters in exactly one month, on September 7. Not anymore, per The Hollywood Reporter:

The movie, formerly known as LAbyrinth, was slated to open Sept. 7 in North America by Global Road Entertainment. No new date has been set for the film. The move comes amid a series of woes for the actor, including a damaging Rolling Stone profile in June, that make any publicity campaign tough.

No new date for the film is not a great sign. Here’s the trailer for the film. It is also not a great sign for the film:

Unless something changes, Depp’s next movie will now be the Fantastic Beasts sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald. That film has been dogged by controversy thanks Depp’s involvement as well, with numerous creators having to publicly defend his casting in spite of recent allegations of physically abusive behavior. Whenever City of Lies gets a new released date (it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s straight to VOD) we’ll let you know.

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