Step right up, step right up and get your tickets here for the most dangerous, poorly-maintained, testicle-pulverizing amusement park on the planet! Deadline played the old-timey carnival barker this morning for Johnny Knoxville, announcing that the human crash-test dummy had convinced Paramount to fund another one of his deranged comic experiments. In the spirit of unscripted prankapalooza Bad Grandpa (a film destined to be confused with the Robert De Niro schlock-comedy Dirty Grandpa until the end of time) and the notorious Jackass series now comes Action Park, guaranteed to cause at least one instance of grievous bodily harm or your money back!

The concept is pretty simple, with Knoxville designing and operating his own theme park where he’ll stage a new series of death-defying stunts. It all comes down to his demented, inspired execution; the reason that Jackass Number Two is a masterpiece of modern cinema (don’t @ me) is because it’s both stupid and ludicrously fun instead of just stupid. Knoxville’s comedic sensibility favors anarchy for its own blissful sake, reveling in the sight of bodies in motion and, likewise, bodies suddenly crashing into things. The overarching Jackass obsession with high-speed disaster would make a theme park an ideal fit for their unique brand of self-punishment. (What’s not known at present is whether this project is in any way related to the Action Park amusement facility once located in New Jersey, known to locals as “Traction Park” due to the unusual number of injuries that befell its visitors.)

Giving Knoxville an entire fairground as his latest playpen looks like a foolproof strategy for Paramount, too. His films have all been relatively cheap to produce and routinely turn around a massive profit. This is the beauty of the film industry, when the system really works: a massive international corporation will give an overgrown 14-year-old millions of dollars so he and his little idiot buddies can smack each other in the jewels using a Tilt-a-Whirl. There‘s no business like show business!

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