Back in November, Jonah Hill revealed he had to turn down a role in Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' because of a commitment to the upcoming Ben Stiller comedy 'The Watch.' Well, as luck would have it, a good eight months later, Hill's schedule has cleared up and he's back in 'Django' for a supporting role. As it turns out he won't be playing the character Tarantino originally had in mind for him, so what will he be doing?

Originally, Tarantino wanted Hill to star as Scotty, a chubby nerd of a character whose parents buy him Broomhilda, the wife of Jamie Foxx's character Django. Scotty treats his slave well (and has eyes on her romantically) but he's a doofus and winds up losing her to the villainous Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) who...does not treat his slaves so well.

The role isn't a huge one but it's pivotal and Hill would've been perfect for the part. But when he couldn't it work with Tarantino, the role was recast with Sacha Baron Cohen. It was a curious bit of casting, but it was thought that Tarantino might tweak the role to fit the actor, instead of otherwise. But then, Baron Cohen too had to drop out of the film.

Now Deadline is reporting that Hill is back in but won't be playing Scotty. As it stands now, it's unclear who exactly he'll be playing in the film. Whatever it is, it won't be a major character as the majority of filming on 'Django' has been completed.

This will be Hill's second upcoming film with DiCaprio as he recently signed on to star in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' with director Martin Scorsese.