Much as we’ll miss The Nightly Show, we’re willing to give The Daily Show’s new 11:30 P.M. companion a shot. Join The Opposition With Jordan Klepper, as the new series from a former Daily correspondent sets its September premiere and synopsis.

As revealed by Comedy Central ahead of the TCA press tour panel, newly-titled The Opposition With Jordan Klepper will debut behind The Daily Show on Monday, September 25. From the synopsis, it sounds as if The Opposition will fill the satirical hole left by The Colbert Report:

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper will satirize the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape on both the right and left. The Opposition is the voice of the new America. It is the America that defines its own reality. It’s the America of paid protestors, Obama’s birth certificate, and the certainty that CNN is fake news.

The series is executive produced by Jordan Klepper, Stuart Miller and Trevor Noah, with Kim Gamble and Ian Berger as co-executive producers and Owen Parsons as head writer. Also on Comedy Central’s late-night docket, The President Show has been extended by seven episodes, while The Jim Jefferies Show has been extended by ten.

It’s likely too early to any Opposition promos, but what do we make of The Daily Show’s new counterpoint?

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