If you've seen the trailers for 'Looper,' then you already know Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn't quit look like himself in the film. In this time traveling sci-fi actioner, he's supposed to be playing the past self of Bruce Willis' character, so certain physical adjustments had to be made to make that believable. However, he now looks so plastic that he resembles more of James Deen... and we're not talking about the iconic actor.

This James Deen is a porn star (or should we say ex-porn star) and, thanks to a rumor sparked by Bret Easton Ellis, he's apparently in the running to play the oh-so-coveted role of Christian Grey in 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' We haven't really decided yet if comparing Levitt's features to a reformed adult film star is really all that much of a compliment, though.