John Candy classic Uncle Buck turned 28 years old this week, and no one is more excited about that than… Josh… Brolin…?

The actor reposted an Instagram on Wednesday featuring Thanos and a few of the Avengers photoshopped onto the theatrical poster for Uncle Buck. Sure. Okay. Honestly, the longer I look at this (and I’ve been sitting here staring at it for quite some time) the more I want an Avengers-style family comedy with Thanos as the sloppy uncle tasked with babysitting a bunch of rambunctious superheroes. You know, I bet there’s a fanfiction for that.

The shop itself was done by Instagram user @mutant101, who… does this kind of thing a lot. Take this gem from a few months ago, featuring all the embarrassing BTS photos of people jumping in superhero costumes all in one image:

And this Space Jam version of a prospective Deadpool 2 poster:

Sounds like he’s just a fella who loves all things Marvel. Pretty cool that he got noticed by one of the studio’s biggest stars.

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