The success of 'The Lucky One' has led to another Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Thanks, America. This one is called 'Safe Haven' (which would be based on the 2010 novel), and it currently has Lasse Hallstrom as its director. Josh Duhamel, best known cinematically for fighting robots in Michael Bay's 'Transformers' movies is in talks to star.

This information comes from Variety, and they also mention that Keira Knightley is being courted to be the female lead. This would be the eighth filmed version of a Sparks novel, following such hits as 'Dear John' and 'The Notebook.' Duhamel has also made his way around romances and romantic comedies with such already forgotten films as 'When in Rome,' 'Life as We Know It' and 'New Years Eve.'

The most interesting aspect of this may be the hiring of Lasse Hallstrom. The one-time art house favorite for films like 'My Life as a Dog' and 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' became a part of the Miramax awards machine in the late 1990's, which led to films like 'The Cider House Rules,' 'The Shipping News' and 'Casanova.' It gave him notoriety again, but the films got worse and worse. This would be his second go-around with Sparks, as he also helmed 'Dear John.' His film 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' is currently in theaters.