It seems like Judd Apatow is taking a cue from Paul Feig, a filmmaker and producer whose projects have a strong female focus. Up next from Apatow is 'Trainwreck,' a comedy written by and starring comedian Amy Schumer. And his next project will also have a female focus, as Apatow is teaming up with the amazingly talented and versatile Laura Dern for a football comedy. Yes, a female-centric football comedy. We are already so there.

THR reports that Dern conceived the idea for the ensemble comedy, which focuses on obsessed female football fans. The project, which is still untitled, will be scripted by Pam Brady, a 'South Park' writer who also co-wrote 'Team America: World Police,' as if this project could not get any more promising.

Dern and Apatow will produce the film, and although the report doesn't mention whether or not Dern will star, we have to assume that's the case because how could she not? She's got some serious comedic chops. Dern was most recently seen in 'The Fault in Our Stars,' but previously gave us one of the most compelling television performances as Amy Jellicoe on the canceled-too-soon HBO series 'Enlightened,' with a role that was at turns hilarious, heart-tugging, and cringe-worthy. And if you want more evidence of her comedic talents, go back and take a look at her performance in the Alexander Payne film 'Citizen Ruth.'

No word yet on when the untitled football comedy will head into production, but Apatow is currently in post on 'Trainwreck,' which hits theaters on July 24, 2015.