Wes Anderson's next film, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' is already amassing quite the cast, which is no surprise when it comes to the director's work. And now another name can be added to the list: Jude Law, who confirms that he is indeed starring in the film, and admits he "pestered" Anderson for a part in one of his movies for years.

During a press day for 'Anna Karenina,' Jude Law told MTV that he is starring in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' Wes Anderson's follow-up to this year's critically acclaimed 'Moonrise Kingdom.' Law says Anderson "sent me this wonderful script. I think we start work on that in January... It will be the usual team [of actors]. I have heard Johnny Depp is indeed playing a key role in it. I think my role is fleeting, but I'm very excited to be a part of that Wes Anderson family."

Law also said that he's been quite taken with Anderson's work for years, adding, "I've been a huge fan of Wes. I pestered him with emails for years, saying 'I want to live in one of your films and I'd like to be in one of your films.'"

It seems that Anderson finally acquiesced, and Law will be joining a cast that already includes the aforementioned Johnny Depp, as well as Ed Norton, Bruce Willis and Frances McDormand. Anderson has said the film will also include a reunion with Owen Wilson. Other rumored cast members include Bill Murray (we can probably assume his involvement is guaranteed), Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Angela Lansbury and Adrien Brody.