Sony has been developing a Jumanji remake since 2012, but the project picked up some steam again over the summer, resulting in some baffling outrage from the internet as the studio announced an official 2016 release date for the project. Today brings news that Sony has tapped some interesting creative talent, including Gone in 60 Seconds writer Scott Rosenberg and LOST scribe Jeff Pinkner, to help bring Jumanji back to the big screen in a (hopefully) big way.

THR reports that Sony has brought Rosenberg on to write the screenplay for the Jumanji remake, with LOST and Fringe scribe Jeff Pinkner on board as a consultant. Roseberg’s screen credits also include the delightfully ridiculous Con Air. So that’s where Jumanji’s at right now. Pinkner is also part of the Transformers writers room, which has yielded plans for a few new sequels and an animated prequel.

Sony has a December 25, 2016 release date planned for the Jumanji remake, which feels a bit crazy given that they’ve just hired writers and no director has been selected at this time. It seems likely that Jumanji may eventually be delayed.

The new film is a remake of the 1995 movie starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, which was based on a board game — except no, it was actually based on a book about a magical board game, which ended up inspiring an actual board game. It’s the circle of life, or something.