Steven Spielberg's dinosaur adventure classic turns 20 next year (ugh, we are so old), and to celebrate, Universal is re-releasing the film in eye-dazzling 3D. Feast your eyes on the first poster for the upcoming 'Jurassic Park 3D' and get welcomed to the land of dinos all over again.

It's hard to believe 'Jurassic Park' will be 20 years old next year, but it's not so hard to believe that Universal is re-releasing the film in 3D. One of the biggest movie events of all-time, 'Jurassic Park' tells the story of archaeologists who venture to a planned dinosaur theme park to see what happens when scientists play God with the DNA of dinosaurs by mixing it with frogs. It's pretty majestic at first, but things don't go so well when greed takes over and the dinosaurs are unleashed from their enclosures.

And now you can relive the magic in 3D when Universal re-releases the film on April 5, 2013. We're actually pretty excited to see this one again on the big screen, even if we aren't too thrilled about the 3D aspect. The special effects and animatronics still hold up incredibly well after all these years, though we don't get any dino action in this brand-new poster to promote the film's release, courtesy of Coming Soon:


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