Not only is this LEGO recreation of Jurassic World very well-made, but it’s awesomely funny, and, well pretty spot-on. It’s kind of amazing that the essential plot points of the film can be boiled down to 90 seconds — even dismissing the humorous angle, this video’s got a point: Jurassic World is not all that complex to begin with.

Even though Jurassic World is now one of the highest-grossing films of all time, many have rightfully complained about the film’s lack of depth or characterization. It really is just a giant dinosaur spectacle that sort of looks like the big budget reenactment of a story you came up with when you were a kid, playing with your Jurassic Park toys. Depending on your personal view, that’s either awesome or awful (I’m slightly in the former camp, if only because the sheer absurdity of the film makes it a fun watch).

Brotherhood Workshop took all the best — and the only really notable parts — of Jurassic World and made this 90-second version of the film entirely in LEGOs (with a few assists from CG explosions and gunfire). LEGO recreations of films have become very popular, but few are so well-made and impressive. This one is definitely one of those. Try not to laugh when Bryce Dallas Howard’s character refers to Chris Pratt’s Owen as Star-Lord (twice), for instance.

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