[Ed. note: the images have been removed at the request of the studio.]

Part of the fun of a lot of these big summer movies — like Jurassic World — is going behind-the-scenes to see how the film was designed during the pre-production phase. With Jurassic World being such a huge hit, artist Dean Sherriff and concept art company Gadget-Bot have released a bunch of concept art from the film online giving us a different look at the film that was made, and a new look at the one that wasn’t.

While you’ll see a lot in this art (which is really quite beautiful) that you’ll recognize, there’s also some things that we didn’t see in the movie. For example, there appears to have been an entire “Raptor Arena” that was never explored in the film. Not unlike the giant Mosasaurus tank, the Raptor Area featured stadium seating looking down into an enclosed landscape where the raptors lived (and hunted). Because raptors are notoriously shy creatures, the arena also featured two massive screens that broadcast a HD feed of the dinosaurs and what they were up to. It also featured an animatronic dinosaur for reasons we’re not exactly sure.

This Raptor Arena, as we can tell from one of the images, was the original setting for the film’s final battle, instead of the Main Street area of the park. Why that was moved, and why the Raptor Arena, was cut from the film remains unclear. It’s likely that director Colin Trevorrow wanted to focus on the raptors not as an attraction at the park, but as part of Chris Pratt’s training school.

That’s just one of the fascinating discoveries in this concept art. If you at all enjoyed the film, you’ll really enjoy this Jurassic World concept art.