Sigh, Hasbro. Come on. It wasn’t long ago that Hasbro got the ball rolling on an all-woman Transformers team, with new cartoons and toys to follow. That’s great and all, but two steps forward, one step back, right? The latest gender-biased toy screw-up is pretty ridiculous — not necessarily just because it’s sexist, but because it’s so petty and dumb.

Via Hitfix, Hasbro’s Jurassic World toy line is comprised of entirely male dinosaurs. As if you even need to be reminded (but apparently Hasbro does), Jurassic Park clearly established that all the dinosaurs were created as females. It’s “clever girl,” not “clever boy.” Browsing the Hasbro site, you’ll notice the various descriptions for dinosaurs use “he” and “him” and “his.” Here’s just one example, courtesy of Hitfix:

Hitfix / Hasbro

As you’ll recall, Chris Pratt very clearly refers to his raptor pal Blue as a “she.” And Blue isn’t the only dino toy to get a gender-swap — pretty much all of them do, from T-Rex to Indominus Rex. T-Rex has been in the franchise since the beginning, and we all know she’s a she. Furthermore, if anyone with even three brain cells watched Jurassic World, they would know that Indominus Rex is female. Hasbro describes her as the new “king” of the park, but her gender is referenced numerous times in the film itself.

This is such a silly and simple-minded act of sexism. What does it matter if the dinosaurs are female? They’re still DINOSAURS. They still tear people — and each other — apart. They are still awesome. Is the thinking that little boys won’t play with girl dinosaurs? It’s not like they’re painted stereotypical girly-girl pink.

And as if it even needs to be said: girls play with dinosaur toys, too. This isn’t about seeing my gender represented in the form of a DINOSAUR. This is about common sense, which makes Hasbro’s decision look like one made out of pettiness or spite. Smooth move, guys.

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